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1. Is Root required on Android devices to install FoxPhone?

No, root is not required

2. Is there any indication on the UC device that it's being monitored?

No, there's no indication FoxPhone is working, in fact, the application can be completely hidden, including the application icon.

3. Where is Data such as call recordings & SMS's backed up to?

Data can be stored either to an affordable AWS (Amazon Web Services) instance or we can install the backend on any Linux based server in your own Data Center.

4. Can the device intercept audio be recorded/backed up?

Yes it can. When initiating the intercept, you can optionally choose to record the audio at any time.

5. How is access to the UC Device limited?

In the backend, you can setup logins indepedently for each person you wish to give intercept privledges to. Only users with working user/password combinations can access these devices. We can secure things even further by limiting access to specific IP's if you choose.

6. What if the UC Device loses Data Connectivity?

Great question. We have a backup Intercept feature that will allow you to call into the UC device from a preset number(s) to initiate the intercept directly over the normal voice channel. Keep in mind, that when using this feature, the device will not be useable for other activities such as making calls, or sending messages.

7. How Reliable is the Location Tracking?

We harness every location technique available on the device including GPS, Network & WiFi location to ensure we provide as precise location data as possible.

8. What other data can be tracked/reported for use as a "Snitch Phone"?

Nearly all device data can be tracked, reported & stored for later review. However tracking 3rd party apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, etc will require root on Android devices & Jailbreak on iOS devices.

9. How much impact does FoxPhone have on battery life?

In short, it's minimal. However the longer answer is it will depend on the features you use. GPS tracking will lead to heavier battery drain. Also, due to the fact that FoxPhone is "always on" and ready to respond in near real time to the Intercept command, you may notice a neglible faster battery drain.